Corporate Wellness Programs

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Yoga in the Workplace

Reduce employee stress and increase productivity, concentration and overall happiness by bringing wellness to the workplace. Through weekly on-site yoga classes, employees will have a venue to rejuvenate their mind, body and spirit. Classes focus on the individual needs of each student; nurturing their development and personal growth.

Meditation in the Workplace

Meditation can be used to relax both the physical body and mind. Learn how to enhance your concentration, release stress and generate more kindness and compassion for others. This series will give you the tools you need to support a healthy, peaceful mind.

Life-Long Healthy Nutrition

Our busy lives make eating healthy a challenge in the workplace and at home. Learn simple steps you and your family can take to significantly improve your overall eating habits and energize your life.

Living Mindfully - Life Balance

Living Mindfully provides attendees with the tools to survive and thrive in a healthy work place culture, while effectively managing the ongoing changes that present themselves in their organization on a daily basis. Through story-telling and a host of inspirational and humorous messages, participants will be provided tools they can use to help them live life to the fullest. The session will empower attendees to become healthier-minded people in general. All participants will walk away with a sharpened sense of mindfulness as they receive tips to help them embrace the moment.

Rebalancing the Body in the Workplace

Over time, hours of sitting at a desk in front of a computer takes a huge toll on the body. Low back, hip, carpal tunnel and neck pain are common complaints heard from such employees. These injuries can lead to reduced employee performance, increased time off and higher medical insurance costs. The Rebalancing Your Body workshop teaches easy exercises to do at work or at home, which can prevent/decrease the effects of long-term sitting.
"Scott brings and unprecedented positive energy and passion to every group he visits.  He truly knows how to relate to his audience and create a stage for interactive participation in his programs."
Drew B., President of Austin Sky Technology
"Kim developed a wellness program that considered my team's busy schedule and provided a venue to decompress from their stressful day.  Her yoga and meditation classes were a great intro into work/life balance at the office."
Synthia L., Owner of Shadow Box Productions
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