Private Yoga Sessions

Indulge yourself to a private yoga session, where you will receive a personalized program to meet your individual needs. Whether you are looking to start a new yoga practice, enhance your existing practice, focus on a particular purpose or recover from an injury, a private yoga session is exactly what you need to satisfy your individual aspirations. Each class is designed to develop the desired outcome of the student.

"Yoga in the park is awesome! It has really changed my posture and enhanced flexibility in my hips. I feel like I'm 20 again!"
Bethany O., Austin, TX
"I have experienced a significant difference in my yoga practice, since meeting with Kim on an individual basis.  I truly enjoy her explanation of purpose behind each posture, which has given me the tools to nourish my own personal practice at home."
Chris R., Austin, TX
"Working with Kim through my private yoga sessions has dramatically enhanced my practice.  She caters each class to specifically support what I need for my energy level, body, mind and spirit on that particular day."
Sally P., Austin, TX
"I was brand new to yoga and didn't feel comfortable jumping into a big class. I met with Kim for three weeks and she lead me through each posture, so that I would become familiar with a safe form in which to practice.  She made the postures very attainable for my skill level.  I highly recommend a private yoga session with Kim."
Heidi T., Austin, TX